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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Holy shitskamutzski, someone is reading my blog!

Egads! I've surpassed my 20,000 views mark!
That means somebody's actually reading my babblescript here, and it's not just my mother! Please forgive me as I gush a little from this slight milestone after setting my sights on this web log nine months past.

Many moons ago as a firecracker of a young lass, I was a writer, a journalist for the local college. I took to writing not solely as a means of a paltry income, but as a way to report the truth and to serve as my own creative outlet for self expression.

Back then, I traveled about with a clipboard fastened securely beneath my arm's grip in a very Lois Lane type of fashion, ready to take pen to paper at a moment's notice should a writing opportunity strike. The process from jotting, to editing, to publishing, was untimely at best.

I find it remarkable that blogging today allows for an instant expression of spontaneous thought. In a moment, one can commit thoughts to pixels and publish instantly for the worldly masses to view in this modern day form of unrehearsed writing.

 Why blog?

Because I find it messy and collective, grueling and self-satisfying, challenging and rewarding, because it  is a sanctuary in which to practice positive thinking. Blogging has actually transformed the way I see the world. More importantly however, I blog because I 'm a colossal fan of the written word.

Oh, how I miss the old handwritten letters and snail mail of days past. Remember those tiny folded notes adorned with scribbled bits and traces of artwork from your school days of yesteryear ?

I find this to be the closest I can get to to writing aloud.

Blogging has provided a safe place to heal, a refuge for self-reflection, a retreat for growth, a means for change, and a habitat free from harm in which to seek and find confidence.

I find myself feeling rather comfortable with what I know (and what I don't know) these days. Unusually confident, having well walked away from the sensation of stage fright from clicking on "Publish Post" as I did in the early days of blogging. More importantly, this hard-earned confidence has swelled over into my actual life.

I think committing to this blog has been one of the best decisions I've made for myself.

These days I've closed the door to a former chapter in my life and have slammed open a new one with my head held up high. Only now, this new door is made from pure, gleaming, looking-glass, allowing for a clear picture of what lies afoot.

To date, I've survived my layoff, and have walked away from a rewarding career in forensic science. The lyrics from the classic Beatles song 'She Came in Through the Bathroom Window' come to mind,

"and so I quit the police department".

I've well come to terms that the corporate rat race is not for me.

Today, I'm stepping through and beyond that luminous glass door to move forward onto this new path in life. My very own red brick road, not the yellow one that everyone told me to take remember?

I'd like to take this moment to send a proper thank you to anyone who may have stopped by these parts to have a look around my posts which have consisted almost entirely of short, wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am snippets of fervor and schmoop, to my lengthy rants and/or odes to cheese, food, restaurant reviews, whimsy, poetry, musings, explorations and the like.

Stay tuned for all that lies ahead, my new lifepath is paved with cheese and there's lots of brewskis and wine along the way.

I suggest you buckle up, it's about to get real topsy-turvy as I slip in through a new bathroom window of sorts.

Thanks for making sense of nonsense with me, and heaps of thank yous for reading, readers.

Such is life, enjoy the ride.


Anonymous said...

Very nice article, just what I needed.

Ringo Firefly said...

Thank you for stopping by! I do hope you can forgive my untimely response, but thank you kindly for stopping by x

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