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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The cheese plates of thanks and giving

The weekend whatnots gave rise to many bouts of diversion with the playmates. With the giving of thanks came much consumption in general, and feeding squadrons of the cheese hungry masses.

First a lovely dinner fete prepared by the culinary flair of Chef Cameron. The evening bore a name finely suited as Gobble Gobble Craft Beer +Tapas Night.

The evening's cheese board included bits of a well-aged, English Cheddar, a lavender and wild fennel pollen infused chevre with a fitting rockstar designation (Purple Haze), a four year aged Dutch Gouda, and the ever present goaty, Midnight Moon. Its slightly aged and nutty morselbits yielding notes of salted caramel could leave anyone to weep.

A sinful baked brie with tart apples and jalapeno jelly followed suit shortly after dinner.

Chef Cameron is in furious preparation at the moment, for his first closed door restaurant event this Friday, November 30th, which I am patiently awaiting with great anticipation.

Details for his inaugural event, NOSH, can be found here.

Think I'll be toting yet another lovely cheese board suited for effervescent wines come Friday.

With Thanksgiving day came daylight, and a formal cheese spread, for an assorted flock of lovely folks.

Thursday's serving included the extra touches of a tightly woven, blue marbled Jack, and a real treatbit of a double creamed, fromager d'affinois, the perfect substitute for butter. 

Our festive hosts were kind enough to give stars to all the cheeses which went smashingly with the day's holiday offerings.

The final cheese assembly went to a very special group of cheese-loving pals, for a proper pairing.

This plate was adorned with a Vintage Gouda, and the much welcomed, spicy and spoonable, St. Agur, a blue cheese, buttercream-dream of melt in your mouth proportions, both of which paired extraordinarily well with the selected sweet dessert wine.

Oh, how I do love the feasting and festing that this time of year calls for.

 Here's to snuggling by toasty fireplaces with cozy company, comforting food, and drinking from warm cups filled with things as lovely as drinkable kittens.


Tina Walker said...

I can't figure out what I love more. Your writing style, your photos, or your cheese selection! It's Jimi Hendrix birthday today, so a little Purple Haze (one of my favs!) would be perfection, wouldn't you say?

Drinkable kittens. . . love this! Wonderful, delicious article!

Ringo Firefly said...

Why kind and warm thank yous to you Tina! Always love your visits around here. Purple Haze would indeed be a proper choice for rockstar birthday kisses and cakewishes x

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