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Friday, November 2, 2012

In between'ing

Betwixt the Halloween'ing and the Day of the Dead'ing, I find myself wrapped up here on this cozy little Friday.

If I was the knitting type, I'd say this would be a fine day to crotchet a colossal, snuggly winter blanket.

 Instead, I'm drawing up invoices for exciting what nots on the horizon, visiting site venues for dreams that lie ahead, and having a moment to partake in my favorite act of practicing nothingness. 

Going through old picture postcards

Reveling in fond days past

Marveling in the days yet to come.

Knowing all too well that people change, 
while memories don't.

Knowing that someday we'll all look back and know exactly why it happened the way it happened.

On the heels of the much needed weekend now.

Happy Friday, I wish you well.

There is much to do, so I'll bid you a fond adieu.

A beautiful weekend to you, 
the best one ever.


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