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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Get a theme song

Get a mission statement, 
then get a theme song.

For we all know that music has a powerful way of affecting our very moods.

It need not matter whether it's of the Rocky anthology, James Brown "I Feel Good", or Chariots of Fire instrumental variety.


As long as you have a song up in that headspace. A siren song to walk in step to every beat to the very soundtrack of your life.

To walk through the doors leading to that unnerving interview.

To dance along with that heavy thinking.

To join the explosive expressions of your personal experiences.

To provoke fond memories of nostalgia.

To soothe and relax you from the stresses of life,

 or to motivate you to do grand things with great love.

Perhaps choose a song with a powerful climax,
the powerful drum fill from Mr. Collin's "In the Air Tonight" comes to mind,

or one that's as tranquilizing as Debussy's impeccable Clair de Lune,

then create a feel-good playlist.

Whatever you choose, make sure it has the power to get you out of bed and singing in the morning.

For when the words fail,
music speaks.

All is well in the world, and today this is my piano-tapping, no better words for a theme song.

Go forth now,
getcher eye of the tiger on.


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