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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Indeed it seems,
a day for cheerful prettied colors and candied dreams.

For confectionary sweetness,
and a blue-hued, smurfy popsicle mess.

For sugar-coated cupcake pops,
topped with sprinkled, well-wishy, bonbon shops.

For fancy, checkered teacakes
touched by charming kisses that a bee makes.

For magic castles in the cloudskies,
and easter-colored treats of pint size.

For chocolatey candy drops and dainty pleasures,
in lumps of odd shapes and sizey treasures.

and ornamental goodies filled with bits of sweetoothed surprises,

and spongy, fanciful things.

A day for pastel shapes of round,

and sweetened musicmaker's sound.

For smileyfaced breakfast pastries.
For crunchy bits of silky tasties.

and inviting heartbites of flavory love.

Sugared happies and sweet surprises to you today, 
and everyday.



Anonymous said...

My desert is gonna rock your world friday muahahaha :)

Ringo Firefly said...

I suspect I know who this is lurking around my little sliver of the interweb. Your anonymity doesn't fool me! I should have you know that dessert is my favorite meal of the day. Oh, why can't it be Friday already? Waiting patiently is no virtue of mine x

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