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Monday, April 9, 2012

It's Monday, don't have a cow

I've been trying to be less carnivorous these days by 86'ing the meat from the Monday menu.  

 As it turns out, there's a heaping, tasty meatless world to be had out there and vegetarian meals are a piece of cake to make.

Here are a few bits off the approaching Monday menu items.

Sexy Nori rolls

Of notoriety and fame, the great California sandwich

A butternut squash casserole

Chipotle black bean and quinoa crockpot stew

Apricot Cilantro Quinoa Pilaf

Paccheri and Cheese with Peas and Mint, a tasty alternative to Mac and Cheese

Vegan burnt maple and coconut ice cream

You mustn't forget the vino!

It's perfectly meatless and goes swimmingly with a vegetarian/fruitarian/herbivorous/plant-eating meal.

For delicious Meatless recipes make certain to pay a visit

One day a week, cut out meat.
Get in on the Meatless Monday Merriment!


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