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Friday, April 27, 2012

IgNight Fire Festival

So long folks!

I'm outta here, yes ladies and gents I'm skipping town, skeedaddling my booty, blowing the hell out of dodge, and schlepping off far and away to the desert parts of the world. 

Photo credit: fineartphotoblog

Well, it's not too terribly far away from home, 
it is away nonetheless, and a much needed break from the rushiness of daily routine.

Today, we set sail to Joshua Tree National Park for a spanking, fire festival of epic proportions.

Photo credit: ignightfestival.com

 That's right boys and girls, IgNight is a bona fide fire festival for us fire freaks here in the Southern California part of the world, it's completely sold out, and my head is about to explode into bits of excitement smithereens from the anticipation of it all.

Just me, and 499 of my closest, fire-twirling, spintastic, friends, are set to gather in the desert for the three day spectacular event.

Photo credit: ignightfestival.com

Fire spinning instructors stretching from across the pond as far as Sweden and Ireland, will be present to demonstrate their flow and technique throughout the days, while we take to the cool evenings with newly learned skills to light up the desert.

Photo credit: ignightfestival.com

Looking forward to the razzle dazzle flow show.

Have a fantasticus, spectacularis, magniferificent of a weekend you beautiful creatures.

And if perchance you should find yourself playing with fire of any sort, please do so with great caution. 

Photo credit: weheartit.com

Don't forget what Robert Herrick said, that as in life, 
"a spark neglected can make a mighty fire".

Tend to those smoking embers and stay safe my friends.



Calynda said...

That sounds like a pretty cool event... If I were free for more fridays (and had a car of my own), I'd try to visit you guys wherever it is that you gather and try my hand at playing with fire. Hubby would probably think it was cool too.

In other words, you've intrigued me... and I want to try the fire hoop stuff... it's spiffy.

Ringo Firefly said...

Hello Calynda!!!! It was a "phenomenalistic" weekend for certain! I made up that word specifically for it. If you really want to give fire hooping a go, start hooping. There are some fantastically talented teachers around these parts! Check out http://www.unityhoops.com/ or http://www.charmedlifeentertainment.com/index.html in the San Diego area to get started! You just may fall in love! Thanks for stopping by x

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