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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Alternative Uses for Sugary-Sweet Easter Peeps

Cheers to our beloved hatched marshmallow confections of the season. Those squishy bunny and duckling-shaped saccharine treats.

I'm not a terrible fan of the extraordinarily sugary sweets, but can certainly appreciate the whimsy and every which way sort of playfulness that Peeps can offer this time of year.

Why not save yourself the sugar high this Easter and Passover Season while enjoying some less cavity-inducing uses with our fine, sugared friends?

Sculpt them into crafty bits of Easter art that Dali himself would approve of

Photo Credit: seattletimes.nwsource.com

Put together an spring bouquet than any of your fine-feathered, fine-furried, or fine-fleshed peeps would enjoy

Photo Credit: organizinghomelife.com

Make Peep sushi!

Photo Credit: www.seriouseats.com

Peep up a tree lately?

Photo Credit: www.mommysavers.com

Peep up and away

Photo Credit: Bill O'Leary/Washington Post/Getty Images

Make a Peep Diorama

Photo Credit: www.washingtonpost.com

Give those peeps a day of pampering at the day spa

Photo Credit: www.mymodernmet.com

Give your ipod a proper rest...

Photo Credit: www.blogs.babble.com

Make a Peep wreath so cheery and bright, you can see it from space

Stabilize a wobbly table or chair

Photo Credit: www.blogs.babble.com

Make a peep-laden bikini and let your sweetheart enjoy a real-hot, little peep show

Photo Credit: www.saltyseatle.com

Microwave them.
Post footage on the internet.

Pull out the video recorder and make a Peep show.
Post on YouTube

When all else fails, dip into chocolate and dissolve them into a dessert martini

However you spend your day, get creative and
have a beautiful Easter Meester.


Happy Easter Peeps


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