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Monday, April 16, 2012

Flash Mob Monday

Picture if you will, navigating your path through the main concourse of Grand Central Station when a sudden assemblage of what seems to be common pedestrian traffic, randomly breaks into synchronized behavior.

Part anarchists, part peacemakers, 
gathering for no other purpose than to provide spectators with an unexpected moment of spontaneous joy.

The result?

The coordination of over 200 people freezing in place on cue in the highly congested New York terminal to create this spectacle.

Oh, those modern day flash mobs, seizing urban playgrounds with their hand-picked niceness. 

Refreshing our day after day mundane routines, and breathing new and invigorating life into our spirits, 
even if just for a fleeting moment.

A few of the better known friendly mobbers.

In lieu of demands with angry clamors, 
The Hug Mob protests include carrying signs that read "Free Hugs" as they march through metropolitan regions delivering snuggles and bear hugs to unsuspecting bystanders, while propagating love in the wake of their path.

The pillow fight mob is a hoot and a half, as out of the blue, cushioned-wielding, assailants break into a feathery battle within the city limits. 

The scream team organized a zombie mob where an unexpected outbreak of the living dead spilled onto the city streets to delight and entertain us, 
or perhaps they were after our delicious, meaty brains?

Getting caught up in the middle of a pie fight mobstorm is a guarantee for silly, good fun.
Nobody needs to know that the ammo actually consists of shaving cream piled onto paper plates.

Then of course, there's the No Pants Subway Ride, a delightful gathering of bold citizens going about their daily route, only instead they do so while pantless for your amusement.

If these public displays of mutual affection and sneak attacks of joy don't put a smile on your face,
then just go ahead and resign from the human race.

You should be beaming from ear to ear with so many happies from the very sight of such organized displays of love and kindness.

A fantastical day this one, to you.


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