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Monday, January 9, 2012

A tiny big toast to you

A teeny celebratory toast.

to you, to this week

to you maneuvering right through this week.

to enjoying subtle offerings of tiny pleasures you might not otherwise note.

be it the sight of a warm, friendly smile.

the sound of children's mischievous laughter.

the aroma of a bakery as you slow down to pass by.

Or the first morning sip of the coffee,

the last sigh of relief when the long workday is done.

and certainly those few moments of wiggling into the coziest of sleeping spots just after the lights go out.

Give an itty bitty thank you

to let those them folks know they're appreciated.

Do something to make your life easier,

(even if it's just unsubscribing from that one annoying email you've been receiving for untold weeks).

take itsy-bitsy baby steps
just a teensy-weensy bit at a time

and you'll shine in a very big way.

Monday happies to you. 


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