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Monday, January 2, 2012

For cheddar or for worse

 For those adventurous souls in search of a non-stereotypical wedding dessert solution, or those just looking to introduce a cheese course (of course!) to the party fare,

and especially for those who dread the pastiness of fondant sugar dough, (you know the one that's overpriced and generally peeled off before human consumption?), I invite you to peruse the following.

Yes, we adore the sweetcakes, but they're so run of the mill ordinary, so overly typical, and so routinely expected. I'm casting my vote for the not so over the top, and a far less flamboyant alternative,
cheese cake.

No, not cheesecake

it's a tiered cheese cake, you see.

These cheese cakes first made their rounds in Europe, and their presence is trending wildly in the U.S. now.

Check out the hottest item to seize the center stage on the caketable today.

serve with a bar stuffed with fruit, crostinis, flatbreads
chutneys, honeys, and candied nuts

Sit back, relax, and take delight as your guests marvel in your creative genius.

i do
i do
i do

of course, there's always the cheese sweetcake too.

for more delicious cheesy cake goodness take a peek at:


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