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Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy National Cheese Lover's Day! How will you pay homage to the fromage?

All hail to the cheese!

The royal decadent, indulgent, can't get enough of the dairy goodness treat.

A day of celebration for those who hanker fer a hunk o' cheese.

Since we can't have the day off, we'll have to find other means to celebrate.

A small handful of suggestions...

A beer and gruyere skillet fondue gathering?

a grown up grilled cheese?

a melty cheese deep dish pizza?

a drippy-good cheeseburger?

an Italian cheese plate?

a wine, chocolate and cheese party?

a cheesy good picnic?

a rustic baguette and a sliver or two? 

I hope it's a happy, good cheese whatever you do.



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