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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Purple Haze all Around

Mother once purchased an entire Costco case of "The Liquid Experience", a Jimi Hendrix elixir of the energizing kind, for me just because she knew how much I adore Mr. Hendrix. 

Not a fan of energy drinks or anything carbonated, but it sure was a thoughtful gesture. 

Additionally, I was incredibly curious to see if the contents of the shimmery aluminum can would stain my teeth purple (they didn't).  

The case traveled to my deskplace, and I offered the sweet liquid hodgepodge to my workmates as a means of jumpstarting the long afternoons. This continued until everyone succumbed to cavities and the case of syrupystuff finally ceased to exist, never to be consumed again.

Imagine my cheese delight, to discover a goaty bearing the Purple Haze designation!

what a beaut!

 This creamy bit of soft goat cheese is flavored with hints of sweet lavender and wild fennel creating the spellbinding three inch round chevre disk by Northern Californian cheesemakers Cypress Grove Chevre.

Certainly Jimi would have been a great fan of the sweet, tasty chevre tagged in his greatness.

I could see him taking a sip of sweetbubbly while indulging in the creamy goodness of it, then spending the afternoon being a carefree spirit, sky-high in a purple amethyst-looking flowery meadow.


This heavenly bit of cheese is quite the rockstar too, as it seized the following awards:

First Place - American Cheese Society, 2005
Second Place - American Cheese Society, 2003 and 2008

Try a sliver of the slightly flowery purple
with roasted beets,
or in a cucumber sandwich,
or a dessert piece with a honeytrickle,
or with black mission figs and arugula stuffed into walnut toasted bread.

la la la

Wine tip:
 Pair the chevre with a glass of your favorite light wine. 
Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris or Rose

Non-Wine tip:
Pair a heavenly sliver of purple haze lavender cheesecake with a light homemade lavender lemonade

Now if you'll excuse me while I kiss the sky.


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