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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A new namesake for the local cheese if you pleasemakers

As of today, we are the San Diego Cheesemaking Group.
66,  now 98 members strong, and in need of a new name as we step it up a few notches.

The Rules of Cheese Club name generator
(as borrowed from the group public site):

1). to define our regional affiliation
2). to clearly refer to cheesemaking, dairy processing, etc.
3). to define that we are focused mainly on home, hobby, and small-scale artisanal cheesemaking.

 The following is a list of eligible nominees:

San Diego Cheesemakers (or Cheesemaking) Club
San Diego Cheesemakers Guild
San Diego Cheesemakers Society
The San Diego Resident Cheesemongers
The League of Cheese
The Curd Nerds
The Guild of Cheesemakers
The San Diego Cheese Society
The Circle of Cheese
The Rennet Wranglers
Mozzerella Mafia
Western Whey Warriors
Frontier Fromage Fraternity

We trust that there will be an acronym for our soon to be proper name:

American Rennet Tamers In SAN diego (ARTISAN)
Coastal Home Dairy Refiners (CHDR) 
The Secret Order of Cheese Champions (SOCC)
The Imperial Federation of Cheesemongers (IFC)
California Urban and Rural Dairy Society (CURDS)
The Cheesemonger San Diego Circuit (CSDC)
San Diego Cheese Coalition (SDCC)
The Way of the Wheymakers (WOW)
 San Diego Chapter of Cheesemakers (SDCC)
The Southwestern Affiliates of Artisanal Cheese (SWAAC)
The Coastal Home Dairy Artisans (CHDA)
California Urban and Rural Dairy Society (CURDS)
The San Diego Cheese Confederation (Cheese Con)

My there are some clever lads and lasses around these parts!

Tonight we gather and hope to narrow down our lengthy list to the final finalists, and taste the fruits of our cheesemaking labor.

In the meantime, we are accepting any and all suggestions for a name makeover.

Additionally, we are seeking recruits for our dairy army.
...and so the cheese legion begins

Hail to the mighty cheese club, and to the pursuit of happiness and rewards one can only find in handmade cheesemaking.

Thank you kindly!



Jeremy David Kaufman said...

Queso Diego
Fromage Homage
Whey-farin' Strangers
Cheese is the Whey
Queso Cabal of San Diego
San Diego Ministry of Cheese
League of Extraordinary Cheese
League of Extraordinary Cheesemongers
Blessed Are The Cheesemakers
San Diego Activists for World Cheese
Association of Cheese Enthusiasts (ACE)
United Cheese Front of San Diego
People's Republic of Cheese

Ringo Firefly said...

These are brilliant Jeremy!!! Thank you for throwing these great names in the hat! I'm especially fond of 'Blessed are the Cheesemakers' x

G @ Curds and Wine said...

Hey, I like the Queso Diego! Ringo, you should post that one on the forum!

Ringo Firefly said...

Good thinking G! Just posted. We may have to eeny-meeny-miny-moe it in the end, there are heaps of good ones! Thanks!!!

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