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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A perfectly-perfect day

phoning in sick and practicing nothingness while treading blankets in a sea of covers

meaningful coffee shoppe conversation with a trusted friend on a sunshiny sidewalk patio

taking a fresh, seawater swim and braiding my salty-drenched hair

monstersized baked french toast in a summer garden with bubbly watermelon and mint mimosas 

tossing a donut tube to float down a lazy river

an english afternoon tea party 

an extra long strolly on the pier

spooning into a strawberry shortcake with a loved one 

saying goodbye to the sun as it dips into the evening

getting tucked into freshy-cleaned, fluffy, marshmallow sheets, then sharing a goodnight read by the lamplight and sleeping beneath a giant sky twinkling with stars to wish upon.

none of my thoughts have included work today, and I need to do that while I still have a job


So, I take my dreamy wonderthoughts to my desk.

la la la


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