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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Introducing Wineoceros Wednesdays

Following a weekend locked up in my domestic fortress on scholastic lockdown, I managed to survive the completion of my level 2 Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) examination.

 Because I'm somewhat of a masochist when it come to academic discipline (and assuming all went nice and pretty with the testing), I'm now set to advance to level 3, which will bring me that much closer to becoming a professional 'Wineoceros'.
Although, I'm still contemplating as to when I can legitimately add the title 'Wineoceros' to my CV, business cards, etc.

Which brings me to Wineoceros Wednesdays*. I do hope you'll take interest in this upcoming segment. It's for you (assuming you're a consumer of wine), and for me (being an outright wine souse, and very much needing to study).
I have learning pangs hankering to select specified wine terminology and translating the unexplainable into the explainable. I'm longing to create exotic wine and cheese pairings using my cheese expertise, and finally, I've grandiose visions of pounding the pavement to make a pitstop at every wine bar within my immediate periphery for a miniature review.
In doing so, I intend to: 
taste a lot,
read a lot,
write a lot,
scrutinize wine labels to no end,
watch wine related movies,
travel to local wine regions,
make more wine with my human hands,
and of course, I shall continue to taste wine.

From the sloughiest of canned grape juice, to the finest in the French Bordeauxsphere, aka the Wine Capital of the World, all in the good name of higher education.

Yes, traveling the world over, one ISO standard wine tasting glass at a time.
Come along now, there's a lot to be said, and much to brush up on.

It will be just like a good ol' country safari,
a wine country safari.
*feel free to simply call it Wine Wednesdays for brevity's sake

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