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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MYTH Masque 2013 - The Majesty Continues

You'll have to excuse me, but it seems I've my hands tied in a bit of a pretzelknot these days. 

It's the sort of busyness where you find the coffee creamer housed in the kitchen cabinet instead of the icebox the following morning. The kind where one reaches into that abyss of a Mary Poppins-like handbag, searching for that cellular device, only to return with a pocketbook, accompanied by a blank stare into it, contemplating all the while why you reached for it to begin with.

Do I need a business card?
Am I paying for something?
How many more coffees am I away from that 10th complimentary cup?

Now I'm not here trying to get into a pissing match to determine which one of us is the busiest, but I will say that my time is largely occupied these days.

As to the whyness of it, it's because I much enjoy being busy, and at the moment the busyness involves much newness. Brilliantly delightful newness. 

You see, I've been commissioned to work for MYTH Masque.
MYTH is a high fashion, high fantasy, highly elaborate Masquerade ball seething with a menagerie of exotic characters of legend and lore.

Perfectly fitting for a laladreamer, I say.

It's the sort of fancy place where images such as the following are conjured:

 Photo Credit: Erich Sayers

Photo Credit: Kelli Sweet 

Photo Credit: Jerry Abuan

The show-stopping event is set to take place at the spectacular Vibiana Cathedral, home to LA Fashion Week, and it's certain to be an eyecandied spectacle to behold.

You'll have to excuse my blatherings here as I set off to a delightfully wicked realm of tale-telling, in a land where mythological characters from the far corners of middle earth are summoned to the grand and otherworldy gathering. 

An evening saturated with a savory, multihued crew of nighthawks, ready for a nuit blanche of sorts.

An evening known to court mystery and unexplainable bits of madness.

Photo Credit: Daniel Bergeron

Complete with an absinthe-minded, green faery, 
La Fée Verte,

Photo Credit: Lee Brubaker

an eight foot tall rocking unicorn, 

Photo Credit: Chiaroscuro Fotografia

living dolls,

Rococo rockstars,

and a black-horned, mythical beast to warmly welcome you to all of it.

Photo Credit: Daniel Bergeron

Of course, a grand carousal is never complete without the belle of the ball. 

Meet Erin Layne, MYTH Creatrix and Event Producer. 
A woman truly turning her dreamworld into reality. 

I warmly invite you to stretch your limits to the outer reaches of your fantasies.

Digital Artwork by Denise Sciacca

You can do so by paying a visit over to the MYTH Masquerade Facebook page. Take a liking to the page, and you shall be rewarded with rich, visual wonders, extraordinary tales of high fantasy, lore, and deliciously dark decadence from the sumptuous affair. 

It's also another place I'll be making use of my own magical powers.

Keep a close eye out for the Silvertongue Sorceress.

A most gracious thank you. 

Claim your passports to the sumptuous affair


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