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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Such a floaty little Thursday

Hello little happy Thursday.

How I love the way you float to the far edge of the week.

Your gentle tease into the much needed weekend.

The way you whisk away headthoughts off to a dreamy someplace,

that's far less cubicle, and far more Cuban.

Tucked away in a small cornerstone of the earth where the wind rustles through forgotten leaves like invisible horsemen,

and blows slowly over splashy waters to lull and soothe like a sweet, hazy lullaby.

Far off in a place where one can breathe their fair share of oxygen from a crisp countryside waterfront,

and bask in the warm glow of the day's sunlight.

Let yourself go and marvel in the moment.

Enjoy the serenity that a short break can give you.

Take luxury from this moment in your head, and especially in your heart.

and while you're there, couldja please find me an English/Portuguese dictionary so that I can make out these screaming hot samba lyrics with the powerful clout to render one all hot and bothery?

Don't we all have hidden stories buried within the depths of our burning hearts?

*bites palm*

 kind thank yous


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