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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tongue Twisty Tastebud Tripping

My gal pal Sheri is one of the most smashingly creative and brilliant folks I know. She's essentially the MacGyver of inventive home decor. Having a natural flair for spending very few (and often no) dollars, she is armed with the skill of beautifying and can level up the blah factor in any given living space.

 Her weapon of choice?

Bright and bold fabrics. 

Knowing this, you can see why I chomped at the bit when she contacted me asking for my help to throw a taste tripping party.

What's a taste tripping party, you ask?

It's a festive gathering where the properties of a miracle fruit, formally known as synsepalum dulcificum, are mixed in with an assorted banquet of tastes and flavors.  

(there will absolutely not be a test on this pronunciation following this post)

These little beauties are used commercially as a sugar substitute, but recently have been discovered as a novelty item where party goers rally for a rousing game of "trick the tongue".

A game where limes and grapefruit become candied, dill pickles convert to the sweet, buttered variety, and Tecate beer denatures into a fine vintage wine.

The culprit? A protein called Miraculin, which is said to change the structure of taste buds causing an inherent dulling of one's capacity to sense acidic flavors. The effect lasts for roughly an hour. They're completely legal and currently, a commonplace food in use for diabetics and dieters.

On this given day, Sheri transformed the yard into a brilliantly-hued, textile sanctuary.

 Making this cozy nookspace the perfect setting for the day's affair.

The spread was impressive and vast, ranging in various tastes and textures from sea salt vinegar chips to sauerkraut, to sweet fruits. 

Flavors ran the gamut from delicate to abrasive.

Colorful plates of beautifully landscaped edibles beckoned to us as we took to teasing our bewildered tastebuds.

The lemon wedges tasted of a mild, sweet lemonade, while the confirmed lemonade did an about face into an excruciating sweetness of Candyland proportions.

The snozzberries continued to taste like snozzberries, however, as they tend to always stay true to their unique, characteristic flavors. I'm afraid I can't say the same for the poor, little Sour Patch Kids who were reduced to ordinary "Patch Kids".

...and then there were the cheeses. 

A classic English Stilton, an herbed chevre, and an aged Irish Cheddar turned into a mouthy curiosities, while the Délice de Bourgogne took a turn for cheesecake.

The event guaranteed scads and scads of amusement and hilarity. Why even Atreyu, the warrior pup, had a woofy-good time witnessing the spectacle of sorts.

 Our gracious hosts were even thoughtful enough to offer antacids, Tums specifically, to help alleviate any potentially looming, topsy-turvy stomachs from all the food and beverage mix-matching.

 With curious eats and delightful company, the day made for a barrel full of monkey fun and enjoyment.

What a gift it is to have such awesome and adventurous friends in the world.

Happy new lilypad to Baker and Sheri.



Sheri said...

Mama Rockstar Ringo, you've done it again! A beautiful and clever article from a beautiful and clever gal! And this time we got to be at the center of it. Your help was so much appreciated and I was unbelievably psyched when it worked out that you would be around to help make it so awesome. We had a great day full of friends and flavor tripping. Our tiny cottage is now bursting at the seams with all the warming wishes. We're blessed to always be surrounded by such amazing company. Especially you!

Ringo Firefly said...

Aw, shucks! I had a blast helping out and being a part of this. Not to mention, I had a ridiculously fun time. A colossal thank you for your kind and warm words, and for bringing such beauty to the planet. Having beautiful friends like you guys makes me a damn, lucky and happyfaced girl x

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