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Monday, August 6, 2012

A Curious night of illumination, and a very special landing on the Red Planet

What a landmark weekend!

The weekend's passing brought some brilliant events as we attended the inaugural Glow in the Park event located in the long valley in the coastal mountains of Escondido, California.

The luminous evening showcased local artistry, including sixteen large, illuminated displays of art pieces that were a sight to behold. Art films were projected onto a giant inflatable screen, while children partook in a rousing bout of karaoke, where they sang lively songs about the moon, as their faces were displayed onto a hovering hot air balloon looking, lunar device above.

"Bella Luna" by Los Angeles artist Anne Herlihy

This piece was described in a press release from the Escondido Arts Partnership, as having an effect reminiscent of the moon face in Georges Melies' 1902 film (a personal favorite), A Trip to the Moon.


The installations included a small, circus-like tent, and a glowing, luminaria tee-pee tent alike.

A few pals of mine seized the opportunity to pack a wine picnic, seize our flow toys, and head out the glowy scene with our LED hula hoops in tow to light up the night.

photo by Joe Mergens

Here we are just behind Rebecca Goodman's, Iphone app-powered, Infinite Pulse sculpture

It was a playful and interactive evening of good, clean community oriented fun.

And what better way to wrap up the lightastic weekend than with a momentous Mars landing!

As millions took to their computer monitors and television sets to follow the safety and good fortune of the robot car that safely made its way to Mars, I poured myself a chilled glass of a northwest Spanish
AlbariƱo, a perfect summer wine fit for grand celebration. I reflected much about the great progress and contributions to humanity.

...and I weeped at the wonder and grandness of it all.

Cheers to the beautiful life, our astronomical feats, and most importantly, cheers to Curiosity.

Curiosity is little more than another name for Hope.
~Augustus William Hare and Julius Charles Hare

Make certain to have a stellar week my beautiful friends.



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