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Monday, August 20, 2012

The warming of houses

Not entirely certain why, but I've had an influx of housewarming parties in the recent days, which means that my once ample supply of space heaters is slowly diminishing.

Yes, I have a hoard of space heaters that I purchased some time ago. Seeing that I consistently give the same gift to loved ones when they occupy a new residence, it's high time I get to replenishing my stockpile of portable heating units sometime soon'ish.

It's a housewarming gift. Get it? 

An almost perfect housewarming gift too, if you disregard the fact that the temperatures have reached a scorching  90+ degrees out recently. Treacherous conditions by the way, for us spoiled California kids! 

At any rate, I hope I get an "A" for effort, for it is far outside of my scope of authority to insist that beautiful friends choose to settle into to new living spaces during the space heater season just to accommodate my silly, gift-giving practices.


My lovely friends, and fellow cheesemakers, Brian and Anna set the stage for my second housewarming party of the month. Their new home is a cozy, little sanctuary, perfect for entertaining. 

Brian is a fiercely talented homebrewer, and a Certified Beer Judge, while Anna is a Chef, Master Baker, and a Culinary Jedimaster. 

Together, these two reap the benefits of sharing their fierce foodie know hows. Recently, playing hosts to a lovely four-course summer beer pairing dinner.

Beer Pro Brian's expertise, teamed with Anna wielding a courageous spatula, only means that there is no shortage of fantastic homemade brews and feasty deliciousness under their new rooftop.

I was beyond impressed with the vast selection of brews, including a homebrewed IPA, a creamy Porter, and a refreshing summer Saison made with love by Brian in the comfort of his new, cozy, lilypad.

I hadn't the time to prepare a proper offering, so in lieu of cooking, I treated the new residents and guests to a spontaneous fire performance, compliments of myself for a proper "housewarming". That of course, in conjunction with a gifty, space heater.

Sunday called for another housewarming, a day dedicated to simmering by the pool, and basking in the summer sun to welcome visitors to my friend, David's, new and spacious living quarters.

This time, I came properly prepared with a colossal cheese plate spanning across the milk-producing agents to include the cow, goaty, and sheepy varieties. I even included a cedar box with freshly, sliced baguette crostinis.

Here we have the crowd-pleasing "Ewephoria" at approximately 2 o' clock. Going clockwise there's 
a French mountain, Comte, a fruity, firm and goaty Evalon, and finally a spiced, chipotle cheddar.

All followed by a house concert by the lovely and talented Pianist, Shannon Curtis, as part of her 2012 Summer House Concert Tour, where she's visiting 50 houses in 15 states!

Lucky us!

And of course no party would be complete without cake, and ice cream cake was had by all who chose to spend the day relaxing at la casa de David.

I'm stuffed to the gills from a weekend of wolfish and ravenous eats.

Who knew moving could be so delicious?


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