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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Judging Up Cheeses

There's a hidden gem tucked away in the nookparts of the San Diego region. It's a bona fide nursery that's more than ample in garden space, and more than generous when it comes to shelling out gardening advice. 


This family owned operation, goes by the name of City Farmer's Nursery, and it's owned by Bill Tall. Bill opened shop back in 1972 while just a strapping-young, whippersnapper at just the tender age of sixteen!

In this charming space you can sign up for free classes on how to start your first vegetable garden, bee keeping, canning, making your own olive oil, solar cooking, and this list goes on. Bill is the mastermind behind the fruitful operation, and he has done well to bring a stockpile of life into this little green sanctuary.

It's a cozy spot to pay a visit, and a much welcomed home for our cheese club, Queso Diego

 Our July meeting was set here at the nursery, and Queso Diegans traveled from across San Diego county to gather for good drink, eats, and cheese of course!

A very fitting GreenGo Grilled Cheese Gastro Truck was on site serving up American classics, as well as some exotic selections to satisfy our cheese hankerings. 

The Puerto Nuevo style lobster sammie topped with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Chipotle aioli sauce was a favorite amongst us curd nerds.

I'm especially fond of the cheese "holes" on the exterior of the truck. It seems rather fitting for a gathering of cheese aficionados.

Back in Bill's house, cheese club members took to our own offerings. Homemade cheese varieties varied widely.

We enjoyed a fine caprese salad made with homemade mozzarella and fresh, garden-picked, heirlooms. A deliciously fragrant basil rested atop, while a sweet, balsamic reduction trickled over to pool below.

A ricotta salata tossed atop cubed cantaloupe tastybits.

...and a fine roll of chevre drizzled with a spiced plum dressing.

In the wake of the 1st San Diego County Fair cheese making competition that Queso Diego was able to bring to life, our July meeting featured the topic of judging cheeses. 

Lucky us to have a couple of commercial cheeses from Taste Cheese for such purposes, and Peter Zien of Alesmith Brewing Company to walk us through the process.

We were also quite fortunate to have a fierce groundskeeper to keep a tight watch over us.

I believe it's fair to say on the behalf of the cheese club, that Queso Diego is proud to have a place like this to call home. 

How incredible it's been to have Farmer Bill take us little orphan cheese kids under his wing, and give us a place to grow some roots for future cheese ups and endeavors. We're real happy to have him around.

We sure hope to see some of your beautiful faces out there sometime soon'ish.

Ciao for niao



Richard Nino said...

Where are you performing. laSt minute trip to SD. love you!

Ringo Firefly said...

Egads! When? Say the word, would love to see you kids again? Ring, text, or send a smoke signal my way, prettiest of pleases x

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