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Monday, July 16, 2012

Je me suis fait tout petit

I made myself so small, for a doll...

A song originally written by Georges Brassens with lyrics that leave much room for interpretation.

Photo Credit: www.topit.me 

As a pianist, the progression to becoming an accordion enthusiast came quite naturally.

With a similar keyboard and its expanding/contracting folding bellows of rich danceable melodies, it wasn't hard to discover that this is a truly beautiful and underrated instrument.

One can marvel in its lengthy history of famed Vaudevillian performances of social graces, and its character while taking center stage, articulating secret messages as the original one man band.

Photo Credit: theparisreview.org

But what of the song?
The beautiful and diverse bit by the insanely talented singer, songwriter and poet Mr. Brassens?

Described as a love song from a man with a near twisted sense of humor, Je me suis fait tout petit tells the story of a good relationship with bad patches along the way.

Photo Credit: favim.com 

Those lyrics strike a very chord deep within me reminding me fondly of the days from my youth and naivete. Back when I was a puffy-chested teenager shoo'ing away the likes of my runty kid sister.

I'm particularly fond of this toy version by Maïa Vidal and its haunty, little musicbox effect. It's an elegant piece and she executes it fantastically well.

I lovingly and adoringly dedicate this song to my once pesky leetle sis, Sanefa.

Consider this my formal apology.

I love you



Sparkle Farkle said...

Your world is so very remarkable. I absolutely love coming here!

Ringo Firefly said...

Why heaps of thank yous!!! I much enjoy trotting about the sparkly bits of your magical world as well x

vanvallejo said...

I love it, the imagery, article and fabulous song. Thank you! I bought a Maurice chevalier album last weekend and thought of you. Miss and love you!x

Ringo Firefly said...

*Tears!* J'adore Monsieur Chevalier, especially when cooking. Missing you mucho and counting the days til our paths cross once again x

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