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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Irish Cheese and Brewtopia

Given little instruction other than to show up clothed in green and brandishing Irish themed food items, Queso Diegans from the county over gathered at the city's greatly awarded AleSmith Brewing Company for a March Cheese-up celebration.

The newly remodeled Tasting Room was the perfect setting for the scheduled Cheese and Beer tasting as Irish as a Paddy's Pig *

The tasty cheese samples kindly provided by our very own Venissimo Cheese,
and were indeed a sight to behold.

(Clockwise from top right: Tipperary Irish Cheddar, Sage Derby, Cashel Blue, Chimay).

Handmade cheeses, curds, and even a crème fraîche guacamole were in attendance along with new members and guests.

Homemade Irish Soda Bread and gorgeous veggies compliments of our lovely visitors and new friends from Slow Food Urban San Diego

Table settings were appropriately themed green.

Wes McCann's homemade brews on deck.

Queso Diegans enjoying the pre-meeting fare.

QD Officers presenting selected cheeses and brews including award-winning Alesmith brews on tap, a Dry Stout Porter created by President Chris Banker, and an Oatmeal Porter made by Member Brian Trout and Secretary Anna Kearns.

Of course, I seized the opportunity to wear my son's Jimmy Cap, tuft of red hair included.

Ah, beer and cheese are sure to please.

Perfect partners, and quite possibly a weighty threat to wine's supremacy as the cheese pairing beverage of choice.

The night's pairings included the following tasties:

Sage Derby with AleSmith X
The notes of citrus and pine from the refreshing extra pale ale were the perfect complement to the sagey and woodsy cheese.

Tipperary Irish Cheddar with Alesmith Nautical Nut Brown Ale
This ale's balanced sweet maltiness enhanced the deep, tangy cheddar with hints of fruit without adding bitterness.

Cahil Porter Cheddar with Banker's homemade Dry Stout Porter
Porter + Porter = Win Win

Chimay with AleSmith Grand Cru
Pairing Belgian styles was a smashing success. Those Trappist Monks sure have perfected the fruits of their labor!

Cashel Irish Blue with Trout and Kearn's homemade Oatmeal Stout
The stout's dark, roasty, with a touch malty sweetness was a perfect companion to the creamy, spicy blue.

Nobody goes hungry here!

For a complete list of the evening's pairings and for additional beer and cheese pairing tips visit:

Green cheese and brown bottled ale love to allofyous!

* Irish as a Paddy's Pig - I'm not entirely certain what this means, but it sounds Irish enough, aye?


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