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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Craft Beer Madness Championship Round!

We're down to the wire ladies and gentlemen beer aficionados!

Yes, here in San Diego, California (aka paradise and The Napa Valley of Fine Brew),
the Craft Beer Madness Championship round is set for tonight at

The Range Kitchen and Cocktails!

I'll be on deck on the judges panel to watch your favorite local San Diego brews fight to the death for the honor of being your local favorite.

$20 flights for a go at all 8 of the final contenders, percentage of proceeds to fund to not one, but two meals with
Feeding America!  

Everybody Wins!

Don't miss the bracketed taste off finals at this evening's Southern Californian Beervana.

Taste off begins at 5:30pm

See you in the glass box!


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