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Friday, March 9, 2012

A Cheese and Prosecco Kind of Day

A day for hooky, fancy cheesebits, and a spot of Italian Prosecco with the gal pals.

A day for the earthy, nuttiness of a mountain Gruy√®re (grew-YAIR), 
Switzerland's lovely raw cow's milk

A day for Brebirousse d' Argental (breh-bee-ROOZ), 
a sheepy from Burgundy, France

A day for roasty and salty Spanish Marcona Almonds,
and the toasted sesame honey ones too!

It's a slice up a baguette, sliver up some apricots, quarter the figs, sprinkle some dried cranberries, and enjoy the segway into the fine weekend kind of day.

The houseguests shall not be disappointed.


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