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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lovely Day for a Guinness... in a Gravity Bar

There we stood today at the gates of heaven (or my kind of heaven anyways).

The majestic, entryway to the St. James Gate Brewery, at the Storehouse located in Dublin, Ireland. Home of the perfectly-roasted, barley-malted, brewer's yeast of a creamy dream in the very land of all that is Guinness.

Please enjoy this vintage advertisement indicating that the smooth stout is suitable for all species.

The building sits amidst an industrialized region of Dublin, and this castle of sorts shines like a diamond in its very postcard worthy setting.

The number one city tourist attraction is certain to remain an Irish mainstay, so please don't fret if you haven't had the opportunity to pay a visit to the historical storehouse as of yet.

You see, that safely encased beneath a glass atrium lies a 9000 year old lease that won't be up until the year 10,759. You've plenty of time.

The "high point" of the Guinness Storehouse tour wraps with a trip up to the top-topper. This includes a complimentary Guinness and a 360 degree view of the city of Dublin. 

And of course no tour is complete without an involuntary exit through the gift shop. Although, in this case its said name is simply "The Store".

Personally, I believe there is entirely too much pressure for any given store (Guinness or not), to assume the name "The Store", but I didn't name the shop so I do wish it the very best in keeping up with its namesake.

I did support the Irish economy with a purchase of two tiny Guinness rugby balls for dear son and dear nephling.

Additionally, I threw down for a stripedy pair of just over the knee toucan socks for yours truly.

Tomorrow we venture out West.
The ancient, majestic, and rugged West Coast of Ireland, that is.

I've an empty yoga mat bag suited for a traveling yogi, but tonight I've replaced the contents of the tote with my collapsible hoop and a few personal items for the journey.

The carrier lies perfectly diagonal across my back, and I am now fitted with my trusty armor in tow, fully prepared for the grand trek that lies ahead as a mountain, warrior, hoop goddess should.

Again, please excuse me as I take to the blue skies for a little cloud fluffing, the emerald green hills for an adventurous frolic, and a skeedaddle off for a coastal giggle.

I do hope you are fantastic and well my friends. I welcome you to enjoy a small handful of the very classic, and very nostalgic Guinness posters.



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