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Monday, November 7, 2011

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. -Martin Buber

Off to the Emerald Isle to get after those magically delicious Lucky Charms.

Blue diamonds, purple horseshoes, shooting stars, pink hearts, and the sorts of surprises that await adventurous souls at the end of magical rainbows.

 I'm toting along a bit o' me own good luck charm to my travels.

The lovely Valentina (Unity), Queen of the Hoop was darling enough to custom make me a shiny-new, shamrock-green, collapsible which has since been properly named Lucky.

While searching the interweb, I was unable to find any evidence of pilgrim hoopers taking to the Cliffs before me, so I intend to spearhead Operation Hoop the Craggy Cliffs of Moher during my stay in Ireland.

Lucky will be traveling across the pond tucked away into my knapsack, anxiously awaiting assemblage for this very purpose, and is in much anticipation of the said frivolous romp along the rugged west coast of Ireland.

 I'm certain those Cliffs of Insanity have no idea as to what's in store for them.

nor does Lucky

I hope you will kindly excuse my absence as this gypsy, thrill-seeker now disapoofs off and away to a far off destination. 

I hope to update throughout my travels. 

Can't wait for the eyecandied spectacle of street performers, the castles, the Blarney Stone, the oldest library in the world, the warm pubs to tuck away into when the chilly wind blows, the beer making class, the Tori Amos by the Dublin Canal, the train rides, the Irish fire hoopligans, the trip to the goat dairy, the farmhouse cheese tasting, and all the other "thes" that lie just around the corner now.

Packing warmly, as my only dress advice was 
"do not underestimate the weather".  

Come hell or high water, Ireland the beautiful, the majestic, the haunting, the fairytale, the ancestry, the humble, here I come.

But not before I leave you with the following:

Fifty random people from the streets of Ireland were approached and asked one simple question.

The result is this pretty fascinating video chronicling their answers. 

I welcome you to enjoy this video and ask yourself the same question.

One of my biggest regrets is that I've been doing far too much of what responsibility has suggested, and far too little of what I've wanted for more than twelve years now. 

In the past I have wished to:

 travel more
love with an open heart
have the courage to live a life where I am true to myself, and not the life that others expect of me
ensure that my family comes before my work 
become better at expressing the way I feel
allow myself to be happy
 honor my dreams
 realize that I already have everything that I need

I am to remedy that now.

I leave now with a hoop in my pack, a skip in my step, and a song in my heart.

Be well lads and lasses.


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