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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jamesons Whiskey and Such

Assuming the worst of consistent, icy weather patterns, I seem to have packed for this visit to Ireland as though I was headed directly to the sub-zero, freezing temperatures of the icy planet Hoth, following the crushing defeat of the Rebellion by the Galactic Empire.

It's actually quite mild here so pay little concern to my wellbeing as I am toasty-warm in my wooly leggings, a turtley neck cowl, snug earmuffs, a heavy marshmallow jacket, and little lined black leather handgloves.

Today, a strollabout the Dublin City Centre, street performances, including a nice Irish gentlemen taking to Metallica's Nothing Else Matters on violin, a lovely guitar soloist, a small man dressed as a jolly leprechaun, and a rather large man dressed in Jack Frost attire rollerblading about in head to toe white, and a brilliant, shimmery mohawk.

Warranting the much needed visit to the Old Jameson Distillery for a real Irish coffee and a grand tour.

Triple distilled whiskey gets me all sorts of warm and fuzzy, especially in the popsicle climate. Call me a purist, but it seems that I have a difficult time taking my whiskey with anything other than with whiskey. I'm a firm believer that slow sipping allows for the full potential of its flavor profile to shine (and warm the belly).

So you can see why I was delighted to have been selected for a specialty whiskey tasting.

One thing is certain, I will never touch Jack Daniels again for the remainder of my days on earth.  


A traditional Irish dinner was in order. Our trio took delight in sharing the savory tastes true to the Irish spirit, including bangers and mash, a slowly-cooked Guinness Beef Stew, and delightful scrumpets of cheesy potatoes, mushrooms, and bacon boxty cake.


I still happen to be dreamdrooling of the Bailey's ice cream dessert topped with toffee bits, and a spiraled, chocolatey pirouette.

Stopped at the Dublin's world famous mainstay, The Temple Bar for a lovingly, slow-poured pint of Guinness, "the liquid beef" of the region, and took to a wee jig by the live fiddle and accordian stage performances. Such a delight!

Meanwhile, The Dublin Circus Project took to the city's Renegade stage for new things afoot in the Irish performance world.

The Circus Fantasticus included defying acts of gravity, flame throwing tricks, all sorts of rabbits in hats, juggle jams and the like.

So much of this and that, and such and such to do, and you mustn't forget to look left before crossing the street here!


Folks around these parts are an absolute delight.

Niceness is priceless.


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