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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wineoceros Wednesday: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Wine

It has come to my attention recently that there's a contingent of folks out in spanky winetown making "wine" with anything and everything other than traditional grapes.
Indeed my friends, there's a surplus of 'fruit and plant wine' being made from the fermented juices of a wide range of base ingredients.

Ingredients such as:
rose hips
Not Buddha Bananas, but common everyday banana-nanas*

A new use for bad bananas other than bread!
My question.
Can it actually be deemed as wine?
Well, it certainly can't in the EU, by its very standard that it must be made from fermented grape juice, but that's not where it's being produced.

Seems that Africa, the Philippines, and the French Caribbean, have well taken the lead on this market, and I for one, am dying to get my hands on a taste.
Natali Vineyards sells a dessert version said to have the 'aroma of ripe bananas in the foreground and the bouquet of honeynuts in the background with notes of dried figs.'
Perhaps a small pour with a creme brulee as a sticky-sweet nightcap?
Perhaps it's so sickening-sweet, it's completely revolting?
As if the universe of grape fermented wine wasn't overwhelming enough on its own, there's a whole galaxy of lonesome fruits out there just vying to be explored, and they are certainly no shrinking violets I tells ya.
 To further diminish any apple of discord, the Omerto Company of Quebec, Canada has successfully made a tomato wine.
 I can't help but dream up that it's been procured from docile fruit, such as those starring in the cult film, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, but I've no place in making such brazen judgement seeing that I've yet to give it a go.
Surprisingly, it's touted as a lovely version of wine. Made using 'subarctic, yellow and black cherry tomatoes.' It has been described as having a nose of subtle fruit with zesty aspects, and a bit honey-sweet.

Perhaps pairing it with an fresh herbed chevre would be really, rather lovely? I imagine it would be brilliant in a tomato wine sauce.
At any rate, sales are soaring for the tomato wine-makers. Why in 2012 alone, the company sold an excess of 34,000 bottles! Seems there's enough interest in those vying to try the atypical sort of fruit wine, myself included.

Good or bad idea?
My curiosity knows no boundaries.

*You must excuse me as I have to remember how may 'na's' to include with each spelling of banana.

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