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Monday, April 8, 2013

A Beautifully Blustery Morning

I learned long ago that living in close quarters to the briny-deep sea was integral to my sense of well being. There is just something about that magnetic juncture where the coastal waters meet the shore that's nearly undefinable. 

I can however, say with certainty that there is something beyond marvelous that occurs when the unpredictable currents come in contact with the presence of soft and stable sand.

I always believed that if I had to be anything other than myself, I'd like to be this very crux, the enchanted place where the waters meet the shore. 

Here in the southern California parts of the world, I am but a stone's throw to the waters edge. There are days when the crashing waves awaken me from the night's rest, and I rise to to enjoy the silence of a sleepy morning.

And on this given day, for no other reason than it's wonderfully dreary out and the skies are perfectly windy, I head for a stroll to be left alone with my thoughts, my coffee, and a fancy tune up in the headspace.

Taking to my neighborhood is always a guarantee for unexpected run-ins which might not otherwise occur if one opted to stay in bed for a good part of the morning.

It's a sunup sort of morning filled with kind pleasantries from the few transients struggling to keep warm amidst the offshore breeze. 

A morning where perfect strangers bid you kind compliments, reminding you that you look quite fierce, as though you could slay vampires, and doing so was possible merely by wearing a certain pair of timeworn boots.

It's the sort of day where you can find a near-perfect dragonfly kite, anxiously awaiting to be cast up into the highest of heights for a proper flight.

Mr. Kite is now safely fastened to a beach palm tree, and I do believe he is still smiling up there.

It's going to be a beautifully, blustery day.

Monday happies to you.


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