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Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy National Cheese Day!

Today, June 4, 2012 marks National Cheese Day! (although National Cheese Day is everyday for me)

Which can only mean there is grand cause for celebration, and how will you celebrate the fine holiday?

Why not try a comforting dish of warm and melty mac & cheese?

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or host a cheese themed picnic?

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have a fondue meltdown

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spend the afternoon on an exhilarating cheese tasting excursion

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build a brilliant grilled cheese

Pinned Image
this one is stuffed with goat cheese, honey roasted turkey, peppadews and avocado

I'm going to begin my celebration by mixing some ricotta goodness with tangy blue cheese crumblies, adding a sprinkling of cracked pepper, schmearing it onto a baguette, and then drizzling just a touch of bee honeyfood atop.

It's the good life, enjoy it.


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