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Monday, October 10, 2011

To the goats! The Cheese School San Francisco - Day 2

Day two at the Cheese School consisted of a field trip out to Harley Farms Goat Dairy located in the heart of a little marine-layered town named Pescadero, California.

It's a really-real working farmstead dairy. What a treat for a wee city girl who has never visited a dairy, nor seen the likes of any sort. 

Celebrated Farmer Dee Harley runs the show here, and she knows that happy little goat cheeses come from happy little Alpine goats.

These little billies have it made I tells ya.

ever seen a smirking goat?

In this coastal sanctuary, the kids are free to roam their emerald-green meadow as guard Llamas are on deck to maintain full goat security.

Fasten up a hairnet to step foot inside the sterile cheese room. Here, you'll find the makings of four fabulous cheeses made daily by a 5:30am milking crew.

The goaty milk is now ready after curdling overnight. Will it become Chevre, Feta, Ricotta or perhaps a Fromage Blanc?

Eating our curds and whey.

Chevre made just microseconds before tasting. 
Hands down, the freshest cheese I've ever had the fortune to taste.

Lunch was had by all up in the barn where you can gaze out onto the goat pasture from the hayloft.

It's a dreamy, little wonderspot for lunch, a seasonal farm dinner, or a hosted wedding reception.

as you can see...

Of course a tour of the farm wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Cheese Shop, where one will find fresh cheese, goat milk fudge, and all natural goat milk beauty products!

Goaty buttons for my darling hostess.

You must try before you buy

homemade, infused olive oils, jams and honeys!

And meanwhile, back in the cheese classroom...

We had a go at another round of cheeses.
This time we studied the process of lactic coagulation, rennets, mountain sheeps and cheddars. 

Oh the happy-happies and joy-joys of cheese ewephoria.

I suppose now would be an appropriate time for a cheese coma.

Closing my eyes and my palette for the day.

Sweet dreamsicles


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