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Monday, October 31, 2011

This is Kiddo Halloween

After many years of failed attempts and various explanations as to why candy corn does not constitute a serving of vegetables, I finally figured out how to get the kids to eat their vegetables on Halloween.

Make snacks disgusting, or make them fun.

cheese pumpkin bites

Veggies with hummus cleverly disguised as pumpkin puke

carrot broccoli and dip pumpkin platter

Fruits and veggies down the hatch, then onto the gruesome cupcakes.

The kids are as happy as prowling, black-sparkled cats upon the witching hour.

The Elvis costume turned out to be a rocktastical piece of work, and it quite lived up to its fast-paced rock and roll namesake. Well worth the late nights of sparkle-fastening to the said jumpsuit.

Now onto costume numero dos.

Hope those pumpkins are ready for night flickering.


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