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Sunday, July 10, 2011

In the beachside garden of eden

Magniferificent weekend comrades!

I hope your weekend was as A-mazing as you are!

Take comfort in knowing that I'm working diligently on a strategic course of action to make the weekends last longer, but until then make certain to savor your 'you' time.

These are a few of my favorite non-worky things:
fire dancing
bike riding
live music'ing
sea swimming
writing about eating

Why just yesternight, I firehooped knee deep in the sea by a sky painted sunset.

And earlier today, I gathered a handful of fresh arugula
along with a hybrid zucchinisquash screaming to be plucked from the Ringo garden.

It made for a lovely summer salad mixed with watermelon, then topped with a driblet of balsamic and sprinkled with barrel-aged feta for a perfect weekend wrap-up.

The darling neighbors are sprouting corn, and we've a small plot of land for a miniature cornfield.

I shall construct a beach scarecrow in anticipation of the said event. Although I'm not entirely certain what this entails as of yet. After all, this IS my first scarecrow.

Additionally, there is a palm tree smack in the middle of the gardenplot that stretches high into the blue sky above.

I have grand plans for it.

Soon, it shall serve as a beacon of light for all the local residents to witness.

Stay tuned.

Thank you Sandy Eggo, and to you for reading my headthoughts.


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