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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 5th of July

I don't believe I've seen a sparklier holiday.
We raised a few, feasted like royalty and let freedom ring all the livelong day.

Mother's freshly made salsa heaping with cilantro and giant-sized avocado chunks was a hit.

The cheese platter piled with Italian robiola bosino, tomme brulee and flagship reserve cheddar for the occasion was seized in moments by well earned cohorts.

Grilled and perfectly seasoned delectables included artichokes, spiced mushrooms, peppers, corn on the cob, stuffed blue cheeseburgers and speared kabobs of heavenly whatnots.

Those who didn't take to the beachside waves to beat the heat did so with Prentash's icy, cool margaritas effervescing with just a splash of the foamy for a perfectly-perfect afternoon cool off.

The alternative was having a go with Rob's fresh from the garden, lime-infused margaritas with incredible edible nasturtium flowers to top.

Bikini beach hooping and afternoon Pacific wave jumping ensued.

Then out came the beach capoeira lads and lasses perfectly accompanied by a beatmaking drum circle.

bbq-hopping by day ran into night sparklies in the sky from the top deck of former neighbor's oceanfront lilypad. 

For the record, this bottom unit is on the market and you must have us over if you're interested in the lot.

Those who grew weary were replenished with a quickie, tequila and kahlua espresso fix.

Played a bit of catch with Luna, the black magic puppydog just before the pyrotechnic display lit up the night beach sky.

The subsequent Ocean Beach marshmallow fight always guarantees an ear to ear grin.

When the smoke and stickysweet barrage settled, the approximates were kind enough to allow fire spinning on the beachside driveway.

The quality of living around these parts is primo.

Hope everyone got a bit of rest after the sparkly-long, magical weekend, and that you're daydreaming about sunshiny days and flickering night skies well into the week.


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