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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The House of Ringo

It's been a labor of love and chops have been busted to create this happy beach castle for my little family.

I take great pride in our habitat and unique finds from treasure hunting over the years. Enough that I wish to share a few snappyshots with you (and the entire Google-browsing universe).

Additionally, it is clean at the moment.

My son and I live a fairly modest life, so I trust we won't be featured in any upcoming episodes of MTV's Cribs anytime soon. Besides, I wouldn't have the heart to kick people out once the cameras stopped rolling.

The antiqued little WWII U.S. jetfighter phone

its propeller parts also serve as a rotary dial

The musicbox area also doubles as a teenage boy's playstation cabinet. Hunting for antiques that can accommodate and conceal guitar hero accessories was no simple feat.

Count on Circus Dan, the house ringmaster to welcome you home when the long day is done. Not with a hug though. As you can see he's armless, but his ear-to-ear smile more than makes up for his lack of limbs.

The royal Ringo book nook

A wondery and cornery part of the lilypad


...and this is where the music happens.

You must believe in impossible things

Indonesian cabinet and ringomade peacock featherworks

The greatest show on earth lampshade custom from France

the jazz ledge

Plenty of room for more music, art, wedding, and birth announcements on the icebox

Jonah and the Stand By Me Crew mock me incessantly for having trapped this glittery bird beneath a vintage cheese platter on the kitchen island. In my own defense, it's a fake.

as is this delicious-looking, flimflam cupcake

Spinning flowers make paper towels fun to seize as needed

The hallway is about as long as it is wide.

Can you spot the miniature wooden, hand-carved, african giraffe?

Sea-shelly star-hallway-fish

Part of the original wooden fence from the front house salvaged by Jonah

It's a Jonah and mom moustachio thing

The shut eye sanctuary. This picure was taken at 3:49

...and finally, the Ringo garden.
A work in progress, but that's not exclusive to this garden.

Thanks for joining me in the walkabout tour of the living quarters.

Have a bright and sunshiny rest of the week my trusty sidekicks.



Anonymous said...

The Ringo pad is lookin fab! Love the salvaged fence piece :) xo Rae

Anonymous said...

i love your imagination!

the bird is FANTASTIC (i have a thing for fake glitter birds, too...)... and the jazz corner... and music corner... LOL.

looks like you're free to be 100% yourself. your son will benefit from that. that's always a really, really good thing.



Ringo Firefly said...

A meeelllion thank yous Rae and D for the warm and fuzzy words x

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