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Friday, October 25, 2013

Curdled Clabber and Trick or Treatment

The spooky season is well underway, and the Queso Diegans gathered for a delicious and frightful bash for the 'darker' part of the year.

Scaring up my own contributions to the seasonal affair, I dressed up a board of cheese offerings, piled high with a double-aged Gouda, a stiltonesque Bay Blue, and Delice de Bourgogne, a triple creme cheese topped with pumpkin butter and roasted almond sliverbits, (which served well as 'fingernails' for my mozzarella fingersticks). 

Wrapped it up with carrot-ginger crisps and an old bottle of Vampire Merlot, a very scary wine, for those who dare to scoff at the face of danger.

cheesy finger foods?

We slated and plated the harvest milk offerings of Cranberry Brillat Savarin, Pave du Nord, apple walnut smoked cheddar, and Penacorada blues

for a fantastical feast fit for the curd-adoring masses.

Cheese, brews, and pumpkin flavored everything were abound.
 The holy trinity of fall food.

'gruesome' foods

spiced pumpkin apple dippers

a apple-cinammon rolled chevre

Bottled pumpkin pie ales and our fair share of candied, sweetoothy fixes.

Fresh, dazzling dragonfruit 

...and some homemade varieties to include this here German whey cheese bathed in red wine.

Now a proper cheeseup is never complete without a fine motley of accompanying beverages.

We made certain to supply a whole lot of sudsy and winetastic holiday treats and treasures perfectly fitting of a 'cheesy' club. 

No tricks here!

Happy Halloween, cheesers.


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