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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Season of the Witch

Halloween is the holiday closest to my heart. A season without the hustle and bustle of other far more celebrated holidays. The ones highly associated with commercialism, a gaggle of stressors, the swift loss of patience, and skyrocketing bank account balances.

With Halloween comes little stress, and heaps of spooky musings

the tricks and treats
the unsuspecting scares 
the tender lumplings everywhere

the witching hours
the warm jack-o'-lanterns glow
an eerie tale of Poe just short of the evening's rest

those flickering lights
the sounds of ghosts, ghouls
and bumps in the night

a black and orange frosted cake
the haunty houses
sprinkled with golden leaves to rake

the spooks, hobgoblins, 
and long-legged beasts
saddle up to the banquet and indulge in the feast

a late night stroll
beneath a full Hunters moon
a season to go mad for, as it shall cease fairly soon

the fun and abandon
a rich, dark cabernet
leave the world behind you
to be an 'otherbeing' this day

Enjoy the remainder of the month long celebration, my Fall-weathered treasures.

Don't let the spooks get to you, and don't forget to pick up every stitch.


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