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Friday, August 23, 2013

A Brazilian Cheese and Samba Shindig

The Queso Diegans were at it again, this time they learned a thing or two about all things Brazil (especially the cheese parts).

Members gathered at City Farmer's Nursery for a shake and a samba keeping up with our 2013 Around The World theme featuring Brazilian cheeses this month.

Our honorary resident Livia, presented us with a top notch presentation of some very exotic unpronounceables:

Queijo Minas
Requeijão Cremosos

Beverages of the Brazilian sort stood out amongst our traditional meads, brews, and wine.

Guarana, a Brazilian soda reared its fizzy head along with the imported Brazilian beers.

...and Caipirinhas, the national cocktail, were made using lime, cane sugar, and cachaça, a sugar cane based rum.

Members soaked up the Brazil regions, its culture, and its beloved cheese making practices, as our resident Queso Diegan gave us an engaging presentation, complete with a samba demo.

 Yes, our presenter took to the floor with a sassy swing in her step alongside our professional performing artist, Robby for a lively, hip and shimmy-shaking showdown.

 As it turns out, dancing the samba can elevate the mood, and if anyone knows the power of atmosphere, it's those lovely Brazilians.

Just when we thought we couldn't squee any more, we were treated to traditional cheesy bread rolls deliriously executed with a thickened dulce de leche. Oh, sweet mother of diabetes, these little scrumpets are made for devouring!

Another tasty tale for the cheese books.

A colossal thank you to Livia for making this evening all sorts of awesome.



HereBeDragons said...

There is a cheese club?!?
Where have I been?

Ringo Firefly said...

Yes! Queso Diego, The San Diego Cheese Club! I help to run the cheesy mayhem. You can find us over at http://quesodiego.org/ Have a looky-loo, and thanks heaps for stopping by x

Evelyne Martin said...

I can pronounce them all!

Ok, it's not fair, I'm Brazilian, lol! And I'm from and living in the state that created those Cheese rolls, where most of those yummy foods are typical.

I'm so glad you enjoyed a little taste of our culture & food. Come visit, this is just the tip of the cake... I mean, iceberg! ;)

Ringo Firefly said...

Evelyne! I adore your culture to bits and pieces. You Brazilians are so alive. We had a great time! I'm really looking forward to exploring the rest of that iceberg. Thank you so much x

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