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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May day! Mayday!

Ah, May Day...

An international holiday, a distress signal.

 The floaty smell of May flowers
a fond farewell to April showers
The sight of bloomy apple blossoms
from sown seeds of cooler days past
The sound of rustling leaves and swarming bees
A rebirth of nature

All things seem possible in the merry month of May, do they not?

May your day (and May) be golden



Sash said...

Thank you Ringo, for your gentle, golden words that bring a gentle, golden smile to my heart. :) I danced in a May Pole Dance once and I really thought it was fun. The mean girls made fun of me, but I still danced. I can't say it didn't hurt when they picked on me, but I'm proud to this day that I danced anyway. :) Thanks for the memory.

Ringo Firefly said...

I'm proud of you for dancing too!I only wish I had been there with you. I would have danced and twirled with you like it was nobody's business but ours x

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