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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Offbeat and Nonsensical Photography

Just a few quirky bits of beautiful photographic absurdities

Photo credit: Samuel Bradley

Photo credit: David Zaitz  

 Photo credit: Tony Kim

Photo credit: Jason Lee 

Photo credit: Kristen Schueler

Photo credit: Frank Herfort

Photo credit: Robert Moses Joyce

Photo credit: Larissa Cleveland

Photo credit: Stephane Delbecque 

Photo credit: Robert Moses Joyce

Photo credit: Jason Lee 

Because occasionally it's nice to not need constant coherent meaning, so that we may enjoy the simple sense of making nonsense.

What is the square root of Thursday, I ask?

The answer?

Colorless green ideas can sleep furiously if you stop and give them a chance.

Try making some totally mad, utter, brilliant nonsense today.

Oh, the sillier the better.


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