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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Puppet Slams - Beyond the Muppets

Well snap, the weekend whatnots beckoned in ways I dare not describe, yet they all glided right past, nevertheless. Rather rapidly actually, much like an untamed pack of southbound geese upon soapy heels.

Friday evening called for the exploration of the radical form of Puppetry Arts. It was part theater performance, part mixed media, and unexampled, hand crafted puppets of all shapes and sizes.

The evening was made possible through the colossal and immeasurably appreciated efforts of the lovely folks and friends over at the Animal Cracker Conspiracy Puppet Company, an independent theater organization.

Bridget Roundtree and Iain Gunn are the working brains behind this fierce operation of unabridged artistry. 

With support from various art councils including The Jim Henson Foundation, these two handicrafters hatched up another epic night of puppet exploration for a large indefinite number of adventurous San Diegans.

We were treated to a special screening of the fourth installment of Handmade Puppet Dreams, a miniature film festival, presented by Heather Henson (of Jim Henson notoriety), showcasing the beautiful, and slightly dark world of adult puppetry that truly embody the enthusiastic Muppet Man's spirit.

Picking up right where her father left off, Heather has made her own mark in the world of puppeteering by exploring its various art forms to include, shadow, raw, experimental, and live spectacle puppetry.

She has used various venues including stage, film, and gallery to display these works through her entertainment company, IBEX Puppetry.

Her underground Puppet Slams have become quite the run after event starring the works of Puppeteers across the globe creating works such as the short, animated film, "Inner City"

"In a city hung between two endless walls, a boy with only pigeons for company, tries to seduce his remote neighbor with wacky inventions."

These modern-day, string engineers made for a thoroughly entertaining evening of refined, grownup puppetry.   

Although, I don't really believe that anyone ever grows out of it.

Thank you Mr. Henson, and to all you talented lads and lasses who continue to honor his legacy to heighten the magical world of puppeteering.


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