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Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Burlesque Circus Variety Show

It's not everyday one gets to doll up in the finest of circus threads to head out to a inviting spectacle of talented gentlewomen and men, dripping in sugary rhinestones, and spritzy adornments, for an evening of prancing amusement.


Yet my lovely and talented lassmate, Valentina, continues to provide the opportunity to do so, with her splashy theatrical productions.

Quite recently, I attended her latest creation, The Burlesque Circus, a two-night, sold out sensation, here in America's Finest City of San Diego.

I've yet to miss a snippet of her extraordinary stagecraft, as her carefully selected performers continue to captivate the likes of our citygoers, ravenous for entertainment.
The showing took place at the plushy, Claire de Lune's Sunset Temple, a perfectly-fitting venue for the shimmering sassbox of a show.

The evening was all sorts of lovely, studded with polished performers from the far corners of the earth.

Photo by Nathan Rupert

 Artists Adelaide Marcus and David Booker teamed up for a sultry feat of acroyoga, a riveting performance that left the poor audience longing for a subsequent cold shower.

Suspended from the canopy above, aerialists from The Furies danced like swinging stars above the lovely patrons, gracing us with their impassioned lyra performance.

Valentina's performance troupe, The Hoop Unit, illuminated the night with an space alien themed, LED light show. The warm glow of visual light effects was charmingly provided by their well known props, and favorite playthings of children across the globe.

Photo by Nathan Rupert

The smell of the crowd was something fierce as they were marveled with an astonishing fire-sparked, grinding act performance given by Tammy Firefly. She comes in a pocket-sized package, yet is armed with a fierce and mighty skillset that can really pack a searing punch.

Laura Dasi, trained Yogi, and spintastic jedimaster, dazzled high above, much like a lovely, oak leaf gently dancing in a breezy sky. Her stunning and highly expressive performance was set to a far more sexier version of Bricusse and Newley's piece, "Feeling Good". 

Photo by Nathan Rupert

The multitalented, Wendy T, did a smashing hoop number along with Valentina and Lady Leeloo. Watching these sultry scorchers unclothe whilst hooping was a real treat, and a palm-biting number for us fortunate spectators.

 Juliette Dragon, a dazzling and beckoning statuette of a fine lass, traveled from well across the pond, all the way from Paris, to grace us with her spellbinding, fire burlesque performance. 
I believe this pic quite sums up the course of the evening.

Photo by Nathan Rupert
What a night!
 I continue to be smitten with the abundance of talent present in the circle of my astonishing cohorts. The collaborative artistic efforts of curious capers and delicious amusement. 
Why if the Burlesque Circus was a young child, I would pinch its rosy little cheeks.
I've a sneaking suspicion that Valentina has a secret team of butler monkeys beckoning to her every whim. I honestly don't know how she does it all on her own, but somehow she manages to pull it off smashingly, every time.

Now she's gone and left us and this country again. This time, taking to Central South America where she will join the always entertaining, and wildly talented, Steve Bags, for an extraordinary hoop adventure.

Be on the lookout for this dream team to teach a circus workshop in a city near you.

Saving the planet one city at a time by doing what they know and love.

These are my kind of superheroes, or should I say Hooper Heroes?

Photo by Denny Renshaw
For further details on this extraordinary undertaking, visit Valentina on the interwebs over at:



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