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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wineocerous Wednesday: It's a Beer! No, It's a Wine! It's Cabernale!

Cabernale - a clever use of portmanteau,
an odd bird of an alcoholic beverage.

Seems the clever folks over at Craftsman Brewing Company have seized the opportunity to Frankenstein their fermented, malted barley by brewing it with a classic red wine grape variety, cabernet sauvignon, creating a fruit beer by-product.

Surprise!!! It's a brew! 

...or what I like to call the beverage with identity issues, as it drinks like a beer, yet tastes much like a red wine. A remarkably interesting glass of "wine".

As a dedicated, consumer of wine, I can't help but be intrigued with this concept. I continue to toss the idea in my head that it's not a very interesting wine, and that it was served at a far too cool of a temperature.

I do admit to finding it quite difficult to refrain from comparing it to wine, but after removing my 'wine hat' to enjoy this experience as a "beer drinker", I have to admit that it's an attractive brew.

From a glance, it appears to be an ordinary glass of Welch's grape juice, perhaps even a Lambic?

On the nose, it's Cab Sauv all the way, yielding its characteristic blackberry, currant and cherry fruits. Following a sip to the palette however, its maltiness steps in to remind you that this is no wine. Its malts and tannins are subtle, it's dry and sour, and then the fruit bomb detonates as it soon becomes tart and puckery.

I trust that this would make for a brilliant gateway beverage of choice for wine drinkers on the path to becoming more beer-friendly and vice-versa.

In the end however, if I do want wine (which is quite often the case), I shall very well order a glass of wine in lieu of this jolly rancher.


A bad wine? 


A wildly interesting brew, with great drinkability that's perfect for summer sipping?

You decide.

Cheese Tips:

Try this with an creamy-dream, smooth, Brunet. The Brunet is a goaty with enough tang to hold up to the bright acid and fruit in this intriguing brew. Just think of a bowl of fresh berries with cream for dessert, and this should take you there.

Additionally, a spoonable, earthy, cow's milk Harbison, by Jasper Hill Farm, would do well with the spritzyness of this sweet ale. It's almost like having biting into a blackcurrant while having the forest all to yourself.


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