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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wise partridge in a magic pear tree

This lovely old Christmas,
with its ambient glow,
made from starlight and plucked ripe from the skies.

This lovely old tree
dressed in a prism of trimmings,
for the warm and much welcomed winter morning.


Oh, this old trinket,
made adoringly by tiny hands,
to perfectly adorn the holiday sapling.

This old dream,
tucked beneath the glossy sphere of a snowy globe,
longing to crash through and take flight.

These grateful old bones,
filled with sweet dances of joy,
from a lifetime of lessons and love.


I do hope the day waves a magic wand over your world, making everything sweeter, softer and all the more beautiful.

Now go wrap yourself up in loved ones and smiles.

Happy Christmas


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