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Monday, June 27, 2011

Sheepy, goaty and the moo-moos

Sheepy cheese

Higher fat content, higher in calcium and zinc
complex, sweet and creamy in flavor

French: brebis
Italian: pecora
Spanish: oveja

ewephoric when melty on crusty bread accompanied by earthy figs and fresh roasted nuts

pair with rosé, champagne, pinot noir, or Zinfandel

Goaty cheese

tarty, tangy, least caloric, tolerable for lactose intolerant, least likely to trigger allergies,
high in vitamin a and potassium

French: chèvre
Italian: capra
Spanish: cabra

 Sprinkle some diced peaches mixed with honey and drizzle bits of goat cheese onto toasted multigrain bread for a summer bruschetta.

I promise you'll be left yodeling with more gusto than the lonely goatherd.

pair with riesling, pinot grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, grenache rose, chardonnay

Cow cheese

French: vache
Italian: vacca
Spanish: vaca

largely abundant, varied fat content, more difficult to digest

Cowgirl Creamery's signature triple cream Mt Tam.
 Udderly delightful for a cool summer sunset gathering of sorts.

pair with a meaty cabernet or sherry

Buffalo cheese

French: buffalo
Italian: bufalo
Spanish: búfalo

highest in fat content, extemely tangy, less abundant.

tomato heirloom and buffalo mozzerella caprese salad

pair with chianti, chenin blanc, Viognier

When in cheese and spirit pairing doubt, pair the region or go for the fruity wines.

Moose cheese

There are three lactating moose in Sweden for cheese production, and at $3000/kilo what a steal!

Fuzzy farewells to you for now.


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